Compare Prices Across Multiple Secondhand Marketplaces Using SellHound’s Fetch Engine

by Kiera Atashkarian | Feb 26, 2020 |

Compare Prices Across Multiple Secondhand Marketplaces Using SellHound’s Fetch EngineWe know there are a lot of tricky aspects to reselling: sourcing the goods, nice photography, researching keywords, writing the listing, pricing your item and shipping it. It’s easy for new sellers to get intimidated by the countless demands of reselling, especially when tackling it alone. To make the process easier we have created the world’s first-ever price comparison search engine for secondhand marketplaces: the Sellhound Fetch Engine, and it’s free for everyone!

What is the SellHound Fetch Engine?

Fetch is a very special search engine designed to help resellers find the accurate resale value of an item they would like to sell. As we all know, an item is only worth what you can sell it for. SellHound provides actual average current listed prices and sold prices, so you can determine at a glance if that item is worth sourcing or selling. You can also click further into the results to see a specific marketplace’s sold and current prices side by side as well as gather more relevant keywords and information about your item. You will also get a sense of which marketplace may offer the best price for your specific item.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download the SellHound app available on both IOS and Android  or go to
  2. Type in the brand name of the item and a keyword or two about what the item is (example “Free People Dress”) into the search bar at the top of the page, select “Used” or “New” and hit “Fetch!”
  3. Sit back and let SellHound provide you with pricing results for similar items across several popular secondhand marketplaces. You will be served with average current pricing as well as average sold pricing.

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