Figure Out the Best Place to Sell Your Stuff With the First Comprehensive Secondhand Marketplace Directory!

by Kiera Atashkarian | Feb 26, 2020 |
Figure Out the Best Place to Sell Your Stuff With the First Comprehensive Secondhand Marketplace Directory!

Did you know SellHound has created the first-ever directory of all online secondhand marketplaces operating in the US? We created the Marketplace Directory in order to give you the information you need to sell your stuff easier! There are countless secondhand marketplaces springing up so we have created this directory to tell you a little about each one. This directory includes only online marketplaces where the average Jane or Joe can go to sell a secondhand item. We are constantly adding to our directory as new marketplaces are popping up left and right!

How can our Marketplace Directory help you?

Trying to sell your stuff can feel hard. There are lots of apps and marketplace platforms to choose from, some, you can sell anything you can ship, others you must meet people in your neighborhood. To help you determine the right marketplace for you our directory can be navigated based on the type of item you have (ex. Wedding dress, antique chair, old iPhone) as well as marketplace type. We have identified 4 marketplace types. It’s important to understand your personal selling style and goals when choosing a marketplace type.

1. BOR: Buy OutRight

If you want to make a little bit of money while quickly cleaning out the clutter on your bookshelf or in your closet, you may want to pack up your stuff and send it off to a marketplace that will buy it outright. (ex. thredUP (clothes), Gazelle (electronics))

2. P2P: Peer to Peer

These are the marketplaces where you as a seller interact directly with the buyer of an item. These items are usually shipped from the seller directly to the buyer and the proceeds (after fees) go straight to you. (ex. eBay, Poshmark, Mercari)

3. CON: Consignment

These marketplaces will take your item but you may not see any money until the item sells. Usually, the consigner keeps around 50% of the profit for their troubles. If your items don’t sell they may be donated or in some cases returned to you. (ex. Chairish, Flight Club)

4. LOC: Local marketplaces

These marketplaces are based on your geographic location and allow buying and selling between neighbors or those in relatively close proximity. These marketplaces are great for selling large items, cash transactions, and keeping it all in the community. (ex. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, 5 miles)

You can also filter by categories like Clothing, Antiques, Books, etc. and then choose a marketplace type to narrow down your search. For example, if you want to sell Fashion, but only on consignment, we currently show 15 marketplaces available for you to check out and discover which one might be a fit for you.

With each marketplace in our directory, we also show you:

  • A brief description of the marketplace and what categories you can sell there
  • A range of the seller’s fees you will pay to use the marketplace
  • If the marketplace is desktop only, or has an app and for what type of phone.

With this information, you can see what you are working with at a glance and then you are ready to list your items and make some money!

What else does SellHound Do?

After searching for the marketplace that best meets your needs, go online or download the SellHound app to use our Fetch Engine secondhand price comparison search to help with pricing your items! If you have fashion to sell and you dont want to list it yourself, try the SellHound App virtual listing assistant. You submit photos through the app and we do all the work to create a fully optimized listing for you including title, description, price and shipping and it posts right to your eBay account (more marketplaces coming soon!)

SellHound is the one-stop-shop for all of a reseller’s needs. Let Sellhound skyrocket your business to the next step. Visit our News section to discover more information on How to SellHound, sustainability and the reselling space.